Restarting Classes!

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Dear students,

We’re very pleased to announce that, following the Government’s further easing of restrictions, our adult classes can resume from Wednesday 19th May in our usual hall venue!

We hope you’ve been making the most of the tutorial videos available in the Members’ Area and have continued to practice your current sash content within whatever space you have available.

Returning to training safely...

We certainly hope you’re able to return to training soon and we would like to make you aware of the continuing alterations to the standard lesson format:

Hand sanitiser and general cleanliness...

We will continue to encourage the use of the hand sanitiser stations in the hall, which you will be asked to use as you enter and leave the lesson. All doors will be open for you to minimise contact with surfaces.

The toilets will be available for use and should be the only doors you will need to open.

The toilets (along with the rest of the hall) are thoroughly bleached and cleaned before every lesson, with antibacterial hand wash and paper towels to be used rather than the hand dryers.

Social distancing...

Where possible, we can all maintain a safe distance of 1-2 metres for most of our training.

However, should we need to practice close-quarters techniques, face masks can be worn and hand sanitiser used where necessary.

Mats and other equipment...

We will continue to used our floor mats as usual; these will be cleaned using antibacterial wipes before and after each lesson.

All training weapons can be brought along to the lesson as usual.

If you feel unwell...

Should you feel unwell – particularly with symptoms relevant to Covid-19, please DO NOT attend the class.

If you arrive and show any symptoms, you will be sent home and the remainder of the lesson will need to be shut down for everyone else.

Otherwise, you’ll be pleased to know, our lesson will run as normal! If you have any questions, you can either contact your Sifu or ask upon arrival.

We look forward to welcoming you all back to training soon.